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Solar photovoltaic: Siemens to develop 70MW power plant in Nigeria

Siemens to play a part in boosting Nigeria’s energy generation capacity

In West Africa, Siemens, a global engineering firm, and a Nigerian-based company CT Cosmos, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a 70MW alternating current solar photovoltaic power plant in Panyam, Plateau State.

The solar photovoltaic project, which is estimated to cost a total of $170 million (ZAR2 billion), is set to reach commercial operation within a two-year period, This Day Live reported on Monday.

Benefits of solar construction

According to media, compared to the construction of gas and coal-fired power plants, which can take up to three-years, solar power facilities can reach completion within 12 months—making this a viable option for an energy deficient country such as Nigeria.

This is the first solar photovoltaic project in a series of large solar power generating facilities proposed by CT Cosmos for various locations in Nigeria, local media reported.

Phillip Chukwueke, Chief Executive of CT Cosmos stated that solar power is now approaching parity with traditional sources of energy, which could become a more cost effective resource when compared with hydro and geothermal.

Optimal location to deliver results

Siemens General Manager, Power and Gas, Nasir Giwa, said: “Siemens looks forward to working with CT Cosmos in delivering state-of-the-art technology and services to the Nigerian people who urgently require stable electricity to help meet the country’s rapid development.”

The Plateau State has one of the highest solar radiation indices in the country as per SolarGIS latest baseline data.

According to local media, this superior radiation will produce significant energy yields, which will play an imperative role in meeting Nigeria’s growing energy demand.




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