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Solar energy still in favour in North Africa

A Dii solar project
in the blazing North
African sun
London, England — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 24 March 2011 – In recent weeks the world has seen a dramatic change in the political structure in North Africa and Middle East. With all eyes of the world on the region the question remains what does the future economy hold and what does this mean for investment and the development of solar energy projects.

First impressions suggest that solar energy development has been put to the back burner as these countries prioritise socio-economic stability, but that would not be telling the full story. There are two strong influences which have meant solar development is still on track in 2011.

Firstly, with the price of oil reaching US$120 a barrel earlier this year, and the fact that it has only dropped to US$114 this week, it means the world is fast realising the vulnerability of relying on oil to meet the majority of our energy demands. Secondly, the nuclear power debate has been resurrected following the events in Japan, further promoting the use of alternative energy sources to meet our increasing power demands.
Dii “’ a unique private industry joint venture, with the aim of exporting power to Europe “’ has taken the perspective that the on-going transitions may perhaps delay its work temporarily, but it remains confident that it will not have any negative impact on the joint ambition to contribute to long-term prosperity by making better use of sustainable energy from the deserts.

On the contrary, the company is convinced that the significance of large-scale renewable development for the local population and for export to the EU will grow, regardless of the political scenario.