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Smarter energy in Africa

25 June 2013 – During the Africa Energy Forum 2013, which took place at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB), Spain, Schneider Electric called for smarter energy in Africa.

According to UN Habitat, the African urban population will grow to one billion by 2040 and to 1.23 billion by 2050, at which point 60% of all Africans will be living in cities. As African growth will be driven mainly by existing and new cities, electricity will be a key factor to sustain urbanisation and growth on the continent.

"The challenge is not only to produce more electricity but to produce intelligent energy to enable smart growth in Africa. The aim is at increasing the electricity available in Africa with limited investments," Mohammed Saad, president Africa, Schneider Electric, says.

With its smart cities solution Schneider Electric says it unites the technologies required to improve the efficiency of urban systems and deliver urban efficiency. "By modernising the existing grid, developing renewable energy, exploiting the huge solar potential Africa receives every day, and helping companies, industries and public authorities to be more energy efficient, this approach can deliver the short term, visible, measurable, low-investment results that cities need," he says.