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Smart Grids Africa to contribute towards SAIEE’s “˜Continuing Professional Development’ initiative

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) will award Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits to those of its members who participate in the Smart Grids Africa conference in July this year. The CPD system that SAIEE operates ensures that its members keep pace with the theoretical and practical advances within the field of electrical engineering. In order to maintain their membership, members must acquire five credits annually.

The Smart Grids Africa conference will investigate scenarios, strategies and the potential of the smart grid for Africa. It will look at sustainability issues, explore business models, and demonstrate how building the next generation grid can improve overall operational efficiencies for the continent.

The conference incorporates a two-day seminar to be hosted by international utility expert Douglas Houseman of the Smart Energy Alliance. This seminar, entitled ‘Smart Grid 101’, will look at issues that those managing Africa’s electrical grids have to face – issues such as losses, ageing infrastructure, theft of metals, increasing loads, and maintenance – and introduce the role that emerging technology can play in addressing them. The seminar aims to provide utilities with a strategic plan to confront the challenges that exist and prepare to meet the hurdles that are likely to arise during the implementation of this advanced infrastructure.

The proceedings also include an executive forum which will feature international case studies, vendor showcases of the latest technologies, presentations, and a panel discussion. Industry stakeholders will discuss and define the smart grid for Africa, focusing on industry requirements for a smart grid, the regulatory atmosphere that is conducive to a smart grid, and infrastructure requirements.

SAIEE members who elect to take part in the Smart Grids Africa Conference, which will run from 28 – 30 July at the Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton in Johannesburg, will receive three credits towards their annual CPD requirements.

Smart Grids Africa 2008 is sponsored by HP (platinum), Cisco (gold), IMS (gold), PMT (gold), BPL Africa (silver), Enigin (silver), and SAP (silver). City Power of Johannesburg is the host utility for the event.

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