T200A is one of the T serial relay testing system developed by PONOVO. Its portability, practicality and convenience are approved by customers. T200A has several test functions such as ratio, polarity, volt-ampere characteristic, secondary impedance and 10% (5%) error curve tests. It can maximum output 250A current to meet the primary flow test of current transformer and check the integrity of CT secondary circuit. Besides, T200A high current output is much more widely used, for example, over-heat protection inspection of small-size breaker.

Ponovo T200A

The traditional current transformer can also output 250A heavy current, but it needs more equipments to realize it such as voltage regulator, standard current transformer and standard measurement meter etc. These are far more than T200A in weight and operation. T200A can complete all test without many human. T200A provides a HVDC voltage interface. When it adjusts and maintain at site without power supply for relay or control device, T200A can meet its supply for normal work.

Another function, adjustable output, can realize the start test of relay or control device and complete the characteristic test of breaker’s reclosing windings. T200A has additional relay testing functions such as, protection trip value, trip time and calibration of traditional mechanic relay. From relay testing point, T200A can be defined as a single phase relay testing kit, but actually it has more functions not only a single-phase tester.

After launching T200A, it is popular in domestic and international market. It is practicality, convenience and portability are approved by customers. Its functions are originated from customers point, for example, T200A not only complete the relay testing, but also check the current transformer for relay. Meanwhile it has auxiliary power function to meet the site adjustment and troubleshooting requirements.