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Siemens wins first solar receivers order for Indian solar power plant

Siemens’ new
UVAC 2010 solar
Johannesburg, South Africa — 15 March 2012 – Siemens Energy has been awarded an order to supply UVAC 2010 (Universal Vacuum Air Collector) solar receivers for a parabolic trough power plant which is to be built in Rajasthan, in India.

This device uses high-tech coatings to absorb energy from the sun. This solar energy is then converted into heat and used for the production of electricity.

In a statement released here by the Siemens Energy Sector’s Solar and Hydro Division, it was revealed that the purchaser was Shiram EPC Limited under contract to project developer Abhijeet (Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited). Siemens would supply over 17,000 solar receivers, which would generate all of the heat for the 50MW facility. Start-up for the solar plant was scheduled for spring 2013.

The Abhijeet power plant is being constructed as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) “’ the Indian government’s ongoing programme for promoting solar power. The programme envisages installing up to 20 gigawatts of solar power capacity in India by the year 2020.

“We view this first order from Shiram EPC Limited to be a demonstration of their trust in our know-how and technology,” said Shmuel Fledel, CEO of the Siemens Solar Thermal Energy Business Unit. “The Indian CSP market is rapidly developing, and with this step we strengthen our business for CSP technology.”

Siemens is in a position to offer highly efficient solar receivers and system solutions, such as solar fields or power blocks, as well as complete plant solutions for parabolic trough power plants. As already announced in January, Siemens has been awarded three orders to supply a total of four steam turbine generator units for solar thermal power plants in Rajasthan, including a steam turbine generator unit for the Abhijeet plant.

“We are very impressed with the performance and the durability of the UVAC 2010 ", noted M.K. Prasad, senior vice president for solar business at Abhijeet. “CSP plants have a long lifetime, and we know that we can rely on Siemens to provide the plant with thermal heat for many years”.

Products and solutions for solar thermal power plants are part of Siemens’ environmental portfolio. In fiscal 2011, revenue from the portfolio totalled about US$39 billion, making Siemens one of the world’s largest suppliers of eco-friendly technologies. In the same period the company’s products and solutions enabled customers to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by nearly 320 Mt, an amount equal to the total annual CO2 emissions of Berlin, Delhi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

Source: Siemens Energy Sector. For further details, click here.