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Seven killed due to illegal electricity connection in Kilimanjaro

Warning has been issued to residents in the Kilimanjaro region about the dangers of Illegal power connections, after seven people were killed between April and June this year.

Mr AlloyaceMndolwa, a regional Tanesco security guard hosted a seminar in the Rombo District served to educate and inform stakeholders and consumers of the safety measures needed to prevent such incidents.

He said apart from the seven deaths, 15 people were arrested, 10 of whom had been arraigned and charged with different counts. He said Tanesco had decided to employ a participatory approach with its clients in order to curb power theft.

Tanesco regional income regulating engineer, Mr Bagajube Joseph, warned the people against illegal power connection, saying it was dangerous, sometimes fatal, to use shortcuts in power connection.

He said the company discouraged customers from dealing with fake company officials stressing that those who wish to have power should call at Tanesco offices and follow proper procedures for power connection.