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Second natural gas powered electricity generation plant for Mozambique

New gas powered electricity generation plant being built at the old Maputo Thermal Power Station will add 100MW capacity to strengthen Mozambique’s electrification rate

Last month Mozambique state owned power company, Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) launched the country’s first national gas powered electricity generation plant in the Moamba district. Following on this successful project EDM has contracted Japanese consortium, Tokyo Electric Power Services Co (TEPSCO) and Oriental Consultants Japan Co. (Oriconsul) to construct a second plant worth over $166 million.

Addressing the electrification deficitElectrification Access

The electrification rate in Mozambique is approximately 12%, which is well below the average for Sub- Saharan Africa. The Government of Mozambique is targeting 20%electrification by 2020 however this still falls short of the regional average of 32% in 2010. The national gas power plant projects are being commissioned to cover the power deficit faced by the country and its neighbours.

“The new plant, which will be built on the land where the old Maputo Thermal Power Station was located will have capacity to generate about 100 megawatts and will strengthen the supply of electricity so that more people have access to it,” said EDM chairman, Gildo Sibumbe.

Mozambique’s national power utility

EDM, the national power utility, owns and operates the balance of transmission in Mozambique and has been working to reinforce the back-bone transmission network in Mozambique since 2003, using funding from a number of international development agencies.

Although EDM runs the national grid, it does not control all of the domestic transmission and distribution networks. Smaller regional grids are controlled by the Ministry of Energy, through district governmental bodies.

National gas in reserves in Mozambique

Recently Mozambique discovered some of the world’s largest natural gas reserves. The southern African nation is believed to have the fourth largest gas reserves in the world, behind Russia, Iran and Qatar.

Power projects worth an anticipated $12 billion are also understood to be in the pipeline as the country foresees an industry boom and new coal and gas reserves are exploited to fuel a broader capacity.

Source: Ventures Africa

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