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Schneider Electric unveils new switchboard range for surge protection

Schneider Electric South Africa has launched a new range of switchgear equipment for residential and small-scale buildings.

According to Christo Janse van Rensburg, product manager at Schneider Electric South Africa, the Easy9 switchgear range gives electricians access to products that will assist in quick and efficient installations.

The product offering includes miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, surge protection devices, comb busbars and switchboard enclosures.

Surge protection for electrical applianceseasy 9 switchgear

Schneider Electric developed the switchgear technology, which is manufactured in IS09000-certified plants, in a bid to address issues with lightening strikes.

Van Rensburg said: “In the event of a strike somewhere close to the supply lines, voltage rises from 230 to several thousands of volts. In a few microseconds, electronic components can be destroyed and all precious appliances damaged and left out of order.”

Challenges using switchgear equipment

Schneider Electric also told ESI that some electricians continue using a specific type of switchgear due to a long history with that brand, where they are obligated to pay the high prices.

With high input costs, the electrician charges a higher rate to the end user, resulting in the false perception that the industry is very lucrative, the company said.

Another scenario is that the electricians return to the same site more than once due to technical faults caused by using ‘cheap’ technology which gives the electrical industry a bad name.

Should a product not be available in a product range, electricians purchase another from a different product line resulting in distribution boards looking unprofessional and not operating optimally, said Schneider Electric.

(Pic Credits: Schneider Electric, imgbuddy)

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