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SAWEA localisation award to SA wind tower manufacturer

Manufacturing and engineering company DCD has been awarded the ‘Distinguished Contribution to the Advancement of Local Content in Wind Energy Award’ by the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) for its continued efforts and contributions towards promoting localisation in the energy sector.

SAWEA is a non-profit organisation representing the South African wind energy industry. Its members, who are local and international entities active in the wind energy supply chain, collaboratively promote the sustainable use of commercial wind energy in South Africa. SAWEA presented the award to DCD at the Windaba gala dinner hosted in Cape Town, in recognition of its new wind tower factor.

The R300-million, 23,000 square metre wind tower manufacturing facility is a joint initiative between the DCD Group, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Coega Development Corporation, which manages the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ). The manufacturing facility was specifically established in Coega IDZ to support the localisation of wind tower manufacturing in South Africa.

DCD group managing director Rob King says the partnership between DCD Group, the IDC and Coega Development Corporation is evidence of a combined effort to provide sustainability and growth to the local renewable energy sector. “When completed, the facility is expected to create close to 200 jobs, and produce between 120 and 150 wind towers per year.”

SAWEA board member Dipolelo Elford has praised DCD for its continued efforts towards creating sustainable local content thresholds in the wind energy sector. “I would like to extend my congratulations to DCD for taking the bold step of establishing a wind tower manufacturing plant in South Africa.”

King highlights the fact that localisation in the wind energy sector also creates new skills and sustainable employment. “Localisation, particularly in the construction of wind farms, also creates jobs in secondary industries, thereby contributing to measurable socio-economic development. A successful localisation programme can serve as a platform for the South African wind energy sector to achieve exponential growth across the African continent,” he concludes.