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SANEA letter to energy stakeholders

Dear SANEA Members and Energy Stakeholders

Energy is the lifeblood of any nation. Without it, social and economic development stagnate. We in South Africa are acutely aware of the importance of energy. We have struggled through a shortage of liquid fuels and are currently in the midst of a crisis in the electricity sector. These are immediate and critical problems. If South Africa is to have a sustainable future, wise and prudent decisions are needed to safeguard our energy position.

Brian Statham

SANEA Chairman,
Brian Statham

The South African National Energy Association believes that, for the sake of our own country and of the greater African continent, it is vital to ensure that the technologies, innovation and know-how necessary for our future are well understood and widely disseminated. SANEA intends to bid in April of this year to host the 22nd World Energy Congress in South Africa in 2013. If our bid is successful it will be the first time the congress has been held on the African continent. We have already received letters of support from many African countries and other members of the World Energy Council. However, to ensure that our bid is seen in the best possible light we need to demonstrate extensive support from within South Africa.

You and your organisation are very important and influential in South Africa and I am asking you to consider providing SANEA with a letter of support and encouragement for this endeavour. The full prospectus may be viewed on our website www.wec2013.org.za  Click on “Our Bid” to view the Prospectus. Pages 34 to 37 in particular set out our proposition in more detail.

I must emphasise that we are not asking that you make any form of financial commitment. If we are succesful in securing the Congress for South Africa we will launch a separate process to invite sponsors to work with us in hosting the event. Clearly organisations that support our bid will be preferred. If however you would already like to make a grant to assist us in covering the costs of bidding, I will be most pleased to discuss that with you. I am personally available to discuss our proposition and to provide any further information or clarification you may require.

For letters of support to be included in the bid package we need to receive them by no later than Friday 7 March 2008. I hope we may count on your support in this important endeavour.

Yours faithfully,
B A Statham