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SANEA: IRP nice in theory

Brian Statham,
Chairman, SANEA
11 February 2010 – According to Brian Statham, Chairman of SANEA, South Africa is at risk of creating an energy plan that has ‘lots of things that are theoretically nice’ but no practically implementable.

According to the Statham, the integrated resource plan (IRP) published in the Government Gazette in December had so little information as to make it almost meaningless.  Statham said further that he felt South Africa was not facing up to the realities of the energy sector.

He emphasised measurable and achievable targets that included business, government and nongovernment sectors as a means to ensuring the success of the IRP.  Statham further said that public private partnerships could make a major contribution to South Africa’s energy security, and it was ‘a crying shame’ that this potential had  not been harnessed.