Samsung headquarters
in Seoul
Seoul, South Korea — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 16 August 2011 – South Korea-based Samsung C&T Corporation has signed a C$3 billion contract to build wind and solar energy plants in the Canadian province of Ontario.

News reports here said that under the terms of the contract, Samsung C&T would build 520MW projects in the Haldimand and Chatham-Kent regions and 550MW projects in Kingston and Bruce. Korea Electric Power Corporation would design the plants’ electrical wiring and operate the plants.

Samsung C&T said the contract represented the first two steps of a five-step plan over two decades to build and operate 2,000MW of wind capacity and 500MW of solar power capacity in the Canadian province.

“Construction is expected to begin in 2012 and to be completed by 2014,” the company added.

In 2010, Samsung committed to invest US$7 billion under Ontario’s Green Energy Act. That investment pledge came in exchange for US$110 million in subsidies over the next 25 years.