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SA power capacity improves

Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 17 January 2012 – South African national power utility Eskom Holdings says that the country’s power capacity has improved this week.

This was revealed here in the second of Eskom’s regular weekly updates providing latest  information on the country’s power system which is expected to be constrained for at least the next two years.

The capacity available to meet yesterday’s peak demand was 33,776 megawatts (MW), while demand was forecast at 31,781 MW. Current planned maintenance stood at 4,661MW, and unplanned outages were at 4,274MW.

The update added that peak demand for the rest of this week was forecast at: 31,825MW on Tuesday, 32,024MW on Wednesday, 32,111MW on Thursday, 32,015MW on Friday, 29,933 MW on Saturday, and 29,475 MW on Sunday.

Eskom added that it continued to make progress with its programme of planned maintenance. The performance of its power stations had improved since last week, but the system remained tight and users were urged to save 10% of their normal demand.