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SA gas prices highest out of 18 countries surveyed

16 July 2013 – An annual survey done by the NUS consulting group that covers 18 countries (mostly European, North American countries and Australia), but includes South Africa, the only developing world country in the survey, finds that South Africa pays the most for natural gas out of these. In this year’s report South Africa is in about the mid-table in terms of its electricity price, with Italy the most expensive electricity market surveyed coming in at US 20.56c/kWh while Sweden is the most inexpensive at US 8.25c//kWh.

South Africa experienced a dramatic increase in natural gas prices (spiking 101.7%) and was the most expensive market in the survey at US 12.55c/kWh while the US and Canada reported the lowest prices at US 2.33 and 2.23c//kWh respectively.

According to the survey, electricity prices in South Africa showed the third-highest increase in the world during 2013.

Though gas only accounts for 3% of South Africa’s current energy consumption, the possibility had been raised in a South African national planning commission associated report that the country should abandon its proposed nuclear build programme and substitute it with imported natural gas.