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SA designed luminaire

Beka light

Beka’s new South African designed and
manufactured street light, the Bekavia

Beka has introduced its new South African designed and manufactured luminaire, the Bekavia. This luminaire is designed for lighting of main roads and can operate high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps of up to 250 W.

Its aluminium body is manufactured from LM6 corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, and the luminaire is designed for an ambient temperature of up to 40OC. The lamp and gear compartment are IP66 rated, therefore preventing any ingress of dust or humidity, which could affect the light efficiency or deteriorate electrical contacts.

The connection compartment is physically separated from the gear and lamp compartment. Therefore the IP integrity would no longer depend on the skills and workmanship of the electrician who connects the luminaire to the incoming supply.

The Bekavia provides for an externally accessible miniature circuit breaker (MCB), which will make luminaire maintenance safer and easier, since the electrical supply can be disconnected at the luminaire.

Two photocell options can be provided for. Either the NEMA base mounted version, which is positioned on the top of the luminaire or the downward facing daylight switch, which is protected from the UV and IR radiation of the sun, therefore operating more reliably.

A substantial latch provides the closing pressure for the housing lid, which gives access to the lamp or lamp compartment, the electrical gear and the electrical connections.