Pic credit: Fastcoexist
Pic credit: Fastcoexist
Cape Town beer manufacturer produces country’s first “green beer”. Pic credit: Fastcoexist

In South Africa, Western Cape-based brewery, the Cape Brewing Company (CBC), has invested in solar power technology to power its production line. They have partnered with renewable energy firm E3 Energy, to produce South Africa’s first commercially available “green beer” which uses solar heated water in the brewing process, Engineering News reported.

Solar power system for brewing process

According to local media, the solar power system, which is installed on CBC premises, includes 12 m² × 10 m² solar thermal collectors, which transfer heat to a 10,000 litre water storage container through a heat-exchange station.

The project objective was to reduce the brewery’s paraffin fuel costs by a minimum of 50%, while at the same time reducing the manufacturer’s carbon footprint and production costs.

Clean power company E3 explained that this is the first time that the Austrian produced solar thermal panels have been used in Southern Africa.

E3 added it had to custom make its components as it is compulsory within the food and beverage industry to ensure that any materials that have direct content with the raw product are made from stainless steel.

Industry trend

In other news, a newly launched beer manufacturer in Cape Town, Garagista Beer Company, have introduced ultraviolet light technology to make their cider production more energy efficient.

According to Garagista owner, Steve Miller: “We are the only cider makers in South Africa to use an ultra-violet light pasteuriser,” adding that this process is less energy intensive than heat  pasteurisation.

He added:  “Although the process is labour intensive, we reuse the same 330 ml bottles up to eight times in some instances. “[In addition], our waste malt is not dumped but goes to a local worm farm to produce both ‘worm tea’, a natural garden fertiliser, and top-quality com-post.”

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