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RWE renewable energy chief rejects global warming in book

Innogy, Fritz
8 February 2012 – Leading energy executive and CEO of RWE Innogy Fritz Vahrenhoft has launched a book that claims that burning fossil fuels is harmless.

Mr. Vahrenhoft heads the renewable energy division of RWE, Germany’s second-biggest utility company, but is due to move upstairs to the Board in July.

The book, Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun), which is jointly authored with Sebastian Luening, a scientist at the company’s oil division, argues that the sun is growing colder and the greenhouse-gas effect, which they say has been exaggerated, will handily compensate for this, reports the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

Vahrenholt, one of the fathers of the German environmental movement, no longer trusts the predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the authors said Germans should not take such a negative attitude towards fossil fuels.

According to a report in the Global Warming Policy Foundation, doubts came to him when he was a reviewer of the IPCC report on renewable energies. "I discovered many errors and asked myself if the other IPCC reports were similarly inadequate."

The book, The Cold Sun: Why the Climate Disaster Won’t Happen, is expected to trigger protest.

Criticism of climate-change science is rare in Germany, where solar and wind power have expanded with billions of euros in subsidies through price regulation.