The Rusumo Falls,
where the new power
plant will be located
Kigali, Rwanda — 13 March 2012 – The long-awaited Rusumo hydropower project in Rwanda is to produce 80 megawatts (MW), instead of the initially projected 90MW, in what has been described as “a measure to help protect the environment.”

Citing “The New Times”, reports that the project will serve Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi equally.

Speaking at the annual Fourth Nile Basin Discourse Forum in Ngoma, project manager Abdulla Kabirudin said consultants were in the process of exploring the most environmentally friendly strategy on the dam construction.

“Initially, the plant was planned to produce 90MW as the intermediate option, with a high environmental impact which would require resettling 9, 100 households. Now a consultant is assessing the run-of-river option of producing 80MW, which is believed to be the most environmental friendly option,” said Kabirudin.

If the run-of-river option is adopted, the dam would cost about US$300 million, as opposed to the US$400 million that would be spent on the intermediate option, he added.

According to Kaburudin, less that 1,000 people will have to be compensated if the run-of-river option is adopted.

In an earlier interview with “The New Times,” state minister for energy and water Emma Francoise Isumbingabo confirmed that the three governments were considering scaling down the targeted output to 80MW to be shared equally between the three countries.

The power plant will be located at Rusumo Falls on the border between Tanzania and Rwanda.
Transmission lines will extend from the power generation plant to Gitega in Burundi, Kigali in Rwanda and Nyakanazi inTanzania.

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