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Rural electrification in Gambia

It was reported in the Foroyaa newspaper that Isabou Njie-Saidy, vice president and secretary of state for women’s affairs in the Gambia, has confirmed that the government is looking for additional funds to continue its rural electrification programme.

This confirmed was in answer to a question regarding the extension of the programme to the Kabada, Jenoi, Sikunda, Jifin and Jabisa areas of the Gambia.

"The government of The Gambia, recognising the importance of electricity in the socio-economic development of this country is committed to electrifying the entire nation.

However, you may agree that this undertaking is capital intensive. This notwithstanding, the government is looking for funds for the continuation of the Rural Electrification Program and the concerned settlements will be considered in subsequent phases of the program, of course, the underlying criteria will be the technical feasibility, economic and financial viability, that have to be performed" the vice president said.

In answer to questions as to when the programme would reach a variety of areas within the country, the vice president responded "The main objective of the Rural Electrification Program is to provide 100% accessibility to electricity supply to the entire nation. However, due to scarcity of funds, the program is being implemented in phases. Hence, I am not in a position to inform you as to when specifically the program will reach your constituency."