28 November 2007 – The National Energy Fund (FUNAE) of Mozambique will, in 2008, be providing solar panels to areas not covered by grid electricity.

Speaking in Maputo over the weekend, minister of energy, Salvador Namburete said this project created conditions for providing electricity to schools and hospitals in these areas. The project will benefit 150 schools and approximately the same amount of health facilities.

This initiative was being undertaken by FUNAE because ‘there are schools without electricity in the country, health posts and maternities, that have to function, even at night, using kerosene lamps or candles for the lack of electricity’.

The costs of providing the solar panels are low in comparison to the cost of grid electrification to these areas.

Mozambique has an electrification rate of less than 8%, of which only 2% is for rural areas.

Funding for the project is being undertaken with support from the World Bank and other private partners.