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Rooftop PV system for Rooibos facility

25 July 2013 – The market leader in rooibos tea production, Rooibos Ltd has decided to install a 511 kWp solar system on the roofs of its storage facilities in the Cederberg region of South Africa.

African Technical Innovations was chosen as EPC partner for this project alongside SolarWorld as technology supplier. “We have partnered with photovoltaic technology supplier, SolarWorld on a number of large projects within the agricultural sector. The implementation of this project will allow Rooibos Ltd. to provide its suppliers with a product that has a lowered carbon footprint. This is important as agri-food sector exporters are required to measure and take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains in the European Union and the United States of America,” Kobus Engelbrecht, African Technical Innovations managing director, says.

The installation of 2,088 of 245 W modules is expected to generate 875,000 kWh a year and subsidise Rooibos Ltd.’s total electricity usage by 43%. In keeping with current commodity supply industry standards, the system will reduce Rooibos Ltd.’s CO2 emissions by 840.28 tonnes a year.

“With our production facility located in Clanwilliam we have a very high percentage of sunny days therefore the generation of renewable energy is ideal. About 40% of our production facility’s electricity requirements will be generated through this solar installation and by using solar energy in the production process we will decrease our carbon footprint dramatically,” Martin Bergh, Rooibos Ltd. managing director says.

“Rooibos Ltd. will not only benefit from a solar system with a guaranteed performance over the next 25 years but it will see a payback on invested capital in the next seven to eight years,” Gregor Küpper, SolarWorld Africa managing director, says.

With a global market share of 70% and export into over 50 countries, Rooibos Ltd.’s supplies major brands such as Freshpak and Twinings with its tea and plant extracts.