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Review strategic projects at Hydro Power Africa: 28 – 29 July 2009

Comprehensive presentations, panel discussions and focused sessions will address the issues surrounding the financing, implementation and sustainability of hydropower projects in Africa – both large and small. The conference will provide practical solutions to getting hydropower projects off the ground and will feature case studies from major project all over Africa.

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The Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme consists of an upper and a lower dam; both of approximately 22 million cubic metres water capacity. The dams, 4.6 km apart, are connected by underground waterways, through an underground powerhouse which house, 4 x 333MW pump turbines. During times of peak energy consumption, water will be released from the upper dam through the pump turbines to the lower dam to generate electricity. During times of low energy demand the pump turbines are used to pump the water from the lower dam back up to the upper dam.

Frans Louwinger, Corporate Specialist (Hydro), Generation Business Engineering, Eskom will talk about the role, benefits and technology of pumped storage hydroelectricity and give an update on the Ingula project, while Jacques du Plessis, Profesional Engineer, SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants will give practical insight on the design and construction of the Bedford dam (upper dam).

Other featured speakers and topics include:

Keynote address: Hydropower and sustainable development
Terry Moss, Vice President, International Hydro Association, South Africa

Afghanistan case study: Small hydropower in Istalif – generating good quality power with low investment cost
Jeong Hae-Jeong, Manager: Project Design, Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water), Korea

The social impact large dams have on communities
Liane Greeff, Chair, EcoDoc Africa, South Africa

Rural electrification – Rwanda case study
Fatin Ali Mohamed, Industrial Development Officer, Rural and Renewable Energy, UNIDO, Austria

For more information about the conference, please contact Nicolaas Loretz on 021 700 3555 (nicolaas.loretz@spintelligent.com) or visit: esiafrica.wpengine.com/hpa.