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‘Renewable Energy is the solution’

Renewable energy patron and mascot of Greenpeace global warming campaign, the Rainbow Warrior, cruised into Cape Town waters on Friday morning, ECR Newswatch reported.

An active asset of Greenpeace’s campaign for over 30 years, the Warrior highlights the importance of renewable energy investments and the campaign’s contribution aimed at curbing the current electricity challenges.

The yacht sailed in with a banner reading “Renewable Energy is the solution” a meeting which was welcomed by Greenpeace Africa staff and volunteers.

Greenpeace Africa’s senior climate and energy campaigner Melita Steele said that the organisation is dedicated towards finding a solution to South Africa’s power struggles.

“Greenpeace is campaigning for a shift away from coal and nuclear which is failing the people of this country and towards renewable energy and energy efficiency. So as this country is crushed by load shedding, the Rainbow Warrior is really part of a campaign that highlights renewable energy investments and removing the barrier to renewable energy is the real solution to our current crisis”, Steele said.

(Pic Credits: waliberals)

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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