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Renewable energy bids pour in

Energy director-
general Nelisiwe
Pretoria, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 15 November 2011 – A total of fifty-three bids have been received from independent electricity producers for the construction of renewable energy sources, according to the Ministry of Energy.

“There has been significant interest from international investors,” energy deputy director general Ompi Aphane told reporters here as he released the figures.

“The bidders are, however, required to comply with different thresholds for BBE (broad-based economic) ownership, job-creation, preferential procurement and socio-economic development,” he pointed out.

The 53 bids were worth a total of R70 billion and represented 2 100 megawatts (MW) of electricity “’ 50% from wind, 48% from solar and 2% from hydro sources. Officials would not elaborate on the bidders’ details.

Aphane said that given the South African environment, it had been expected that wind and solar proposals would dominate.

The outcome of the evaluation process will be announced later this month or early next month at the COP17 summit in Durban. He said they are being evaluated by legal, financial, technical and economic development teams.

“Each and every aspect of each bid is receiving special attention. The scoring is divided into 70% price and 30% economic development,” Alphane explained.

Director general Nelisiwe Magubane said the department had requested exemption from the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act to maximise local content in the proposals.
She said all the companies bidding needed 40% South African participation and a minimum of level five, in terms of BBBEE policy.

"These are our strides as a country to incubate the utilisation of renewable energy in the region. We have opportunities to harness clean, renewable power moving forward."

Magubane said that apart from bringing direct foreign investment, the plan would stimulate local manufacturing and boost job-creation across sectors like construction and engineering.