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Record new installations in wind power market

Global wind power “’
record new installations
in 2010, but lower
growth rate
London, England — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 08 August 2011 – The impact of the economic crisis can be seen in the latest report by BTM “’ a company that specialises in impartial and independent wind-industry research “’ which again shows record new installations, but a much lower growth rate than in 2009.

Revealing this here, BTM said the rise of Chinese turbine manufacturers and the US financial situation had changed the balance of the market.

“With yet another record year for newly installed wind capacity to the tune of 39.4GW, the year 2010 brought total installed capacity worldwide to around 200,000MW “’ an impressive increase in cumulative worldwide installations of some 25%,” the report revealed.
“However, in terms of the volume of annual installed capacity the increase was a far more modest 3%. Indeed, the effects of the global economic crisis can clearly be seen in this stagnation of growth: For the past five years annual installed capacity has grown by an annual average of 27.4%.

Looking ahead, BTM has upgraded its forecast slightly compared to last year’s, predicting an average growth rate of 15.5% per year for new annual installations up to the end of 2015. By then the annual rate of new capacity is expected to surpass 81,000MW per year. The cumulative level of installations expected over all five years is 314,175MW, resulting in nearly tripling the current total. A growth of 16% over 2010 is expected in 2011.

For 2016 to 2020 BTM predicts an improved average growth rate of 11.5%. It says that Europe will lose its leading role by 2015 and account for 29% of cumulative demand over the forecast period; that the Americas, particularly the U.S. and Canada, will increase their contribution by the end of the forecast period; and that South and East Asia will take the leading role and see a rapid increase, particularly in China and India, and will account for 41.4% of all installations over the forecast period.