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Record demand for electricity

There was an increase in demand for electricity yesterday evening, and utility Eskom registered an electricity consumption record for SA.

A cold spell that is affecting the whole of South Africa has resulted in increased demand for electricity, it was reported by Eskom.

Record demand of 35,981MW was registered, 502MW higher that the previous day’s record of 35,479MW.  The previous record, set on 29 June 2006, shows an increase of 1,174MW.

CE of Eskom Holdings, Jacob Maroga stated "We will continue to closely monitor the electricity demand and supply situation which remains tight. We are further concerned that our reserve margin is low.

"Any multiple failures of our generator sets will force us to introduce load shedding. The efficient use of electricity is of fundamental importance during this winter peak period, and will assist in minimising the possibility of load shedding."