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R300 million Wind turbine manufacturing facility opens its doors

On Wednesday Spanish firm GRI- Renewable Industries were ecstatic to officially announce the opening of a R300 million Wind turbine tower production factory in Atlantis, Cape Town.

With South Africa’s energy crisis worsening at a rapid rate and demand to double by 2030, this facility could not have come at a better time. Solutions to reduce and eradicate the many problems within the sector are turning to renewable resources as their knight in shining armour.The GRI Atlantis factory operating phase will allow for 200 Jobs to be created in Atlantis

The manufacturing plant will accelerate South Africa’s progress in achieving optimal wind powered plants to new heights. The facility has capabilities of producing 120 turbines annually.

‘Our investment in this new state of the art wind turbine tower production facility clearly demonstrates our long term commitment to South Africa and also positions GRI Wind as open for business and willing to partner local enterprises to develop sustainable wind energy facilities in South Africa’, said Javier Imaz, CEO of GRI.

Government is invested in driving a green economy where tax incentives and dedicated specialist departments are collaborating to finding solutions to the challenges which face the energy mix. These sentiments resulted in an Integrated Resource Plan which looks at the next 20 years of electricity production and demand. The plan aims to have 42 percent of total power generation supplied from renewable resources, the statement said.State of the art GRI facility

GRI hopes to reach optimal production in the next 18 months where local content has been given great consideration.

The community of Atlantis will have 200 residents employed at the factory where skills training will be given over a two year period by international technical experts.

The statement said that ‘this is the first investment that the City of Cape Town has attracted through its pilot Investment Incentive Scheme in Atlantis, and is testament to the City’s emphasis on partnerships to make progress possible’.

‘Not only will this investment offer a realistic solution to the current fragile power situation, but we will be deploying and sharing our know-how with the local market and at the same time generating additional job creation opportunities. We see a bright future for South African-developed renewable energy, both locally and also in Africa, not just as users but suppliers as well’, Imaz concluded.

The Wind-Turbine Tower Production Factory

The factory is located in the Green Technology Industrial Park in Atlantis, stretching over 12 000 m².

Standing true to its testament, the facility is not only a producer of green energy technology, but it makes use of energy efficient technologies in the production process too.

Once the product reaches completion it can be stored on site in the 350m factory.

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