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Practical Distribution & Substation Automation (incl. Communications) for Electrical Power Systems


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About the book
This manual  is designed to familiarise you with all aspects of distribution and substation automation. The different levels of substation integration and automation are outlined and discussed. The components and architecture of the typical distribution and substation automation system are detailed. The different approaches promoted by the different substation automation vendors are identified and detailed and the advantages of each are outlined. The characteristics and operation of the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are examined. A practical checklist is then provided of the optimum way to implement this technology to your next project.
You will learn:

  • Fundamental principles of distribution and substation automation, specifically on protection, control and communication issues
  • Important steps in designing, installing and managing a substation automation project
  • Typical techniques in troubleshooting distribution and substation automation systems
  • To avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes when implementing a substation automation system
  • To identify and diagnose shortcomings of any existing substation automation system
  • How to increase the reliability and performance of your electrical protection system
  • How to critically appraise the different products and systems available for distribution and substation automation
  • The most effective approaches to maintaining a substation automation system