21 February 2013 – In a private public partnership involving state owned utility Tanesco and US based Symbion, Tanzania is to develop a 400MW gas fired power plant in the Mtwara region and a 650km transmission line in the southern region of the country. Symbion will play a major role in the construction of the transmission backbone from Mtwara to Songea.

The project comes amid increased demand for power in the Mtwara region following commercial gas exploration. There is also the possibility of transmitting power to Mozambique’s northern regions.

The financing of the project are expected to take 12 months to achieve closure and while no detailed figures have been given, it is estimated that the cost of the total project including transmission and distribution infrastructure will come to about US$900 million.

Symbion currently operates three power stations in Tanzania, totalling 212 MW, these being a 112 MW gas fired plant near Dar es Salaam and two 50 MW diesel stations up country.