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Power Workshop 1

AUW Power Workshop

Technical Workshop Day 1

Tuesday 14 May 2013


13h30 – 14h00

Integrating condition monitoring into a reliability centred maintenance strategy
Adriaan Scheeres, CEO, Pragma Africa, RSA

14h00 – 14h30

Transformer oil analysis – techniques, tips & traps
Tom Dalton, Machine Assessment & Reliability Technology RSA

14h30 – 15h00

Transformer oil DGA – testing and monitoring technology
Mathieu Guertin, Business Unit Manager Morgan Schaffer, Canada

15h00 – 15h30

Transformer management systems for optimising utilisation and reliability
Timothy Cox, Application and Support Engineer, Dynamic Ratings, Australia


15h45 – 16h15

HV isolator life extension technology
William Morse, Vice President Sales & Marketing, EHT International, Canada

16h15 – 16h45

Measurement, analysis, diagnostics and leak detection on SF6 GIS
Neil Kane, Managing Director, EMT Ltd, UK

16h45 – 17h30

Predictive maintenance for metal clad MV switchgear
Tommy Roes, Martec Cable Services, RSA

Technical Workshop Day 2

Wednesday 15 May 2013


09h30 – 10h00

MV cable life extension technology
Wayne Chatterton, UtilX Corporation, USA

10h00 – 10h30

On-line non-intrusive MV and HV Cable Condition Assessment
John Sherriff, Operations Director, Services, Martec Cable Services, RSA

10h30 – 11h00

Cable hot spot monitoring & optimising thermal rating
Lucien Antonissen, Lios Technology GmbH, Germany

Motors and Generators

11h15 – 11h45

MV motor electrical and mechanical condition monitoring
James Cowling, Operations Director, Products, Machine Assessment & Reliability Technology, RSA

11h45 – 12h15

Generator predictive maintenance and monitoring
Rob Melaia, LHM, RSA

Presentation not yet available 

12h15 – 12h45

A new concept in oil condition monitoring from start-up
Manfred Mauntz, CMC Instruments, Germany


13h30 – 14h00

Boiler condition monitoring and leak detection
Mario Kuisis, Managing Director, Machine Assessment & Reliability Technology, RSA

14h00 – 14h30

Turbine monitoring and maintenance
Andrew Carr, Managing Director, Sebenzana Consulting, RSA

Presentation not yet available 


14h30 – 15h00

Cost-effective Condition Monitoring using Ultrasound
Tom Murphy, SDT Ultrasound Solutions, Belgium

15h00 – 15h30

Predictive maintenance with infra-red imaging
James Cowling, Operations Director, Products, Machine Assessment & Reliability Technology, RSA

15h30 – 16h00

Remote monitoring for asset protection and predictivemaintenance
Craig Rebuli, Martec, RSA