19 September 2007 – Western Kenya will have access to more reliable and better quality electricity supply, due to the completion of a number of distribution projects.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) completed the projects under a programme aimed at reducing distribution losses which will optimise reliability and reduce blackouts.

The $7 million project is expected to curb case of low voltage caused by substation overloading and includes to new 33/11kV sub stations in Kisumu and Kapsabet in Nandi District. Alternative power lines for Musaga-Sibembe-Mumias, Nakuru-Elburgon and Lanet-Nyahururu also formed part of the project.

"The sub-stations now in service will take pressure off the already overloaded Obote Road and Nandi Hills sub-stations, and reduce low voltage cases and resultant power blackouts," KPLC said.

The turnkey projects included manufacturing, supplying, installing and commissioning. Each substation has a 7.5MVA transformer which will provide additional capacity for connecting new domestic and industrial customers.

The power projects should also drastically reduce the amount of electricity lost in the network during distribution: "This will impact positively on the company’s bottom-line," the company said.