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Power generation by the ocean’s ebb and flow

Ghana is gearing to launch its first sea wave power generation pilot project in March in Ada Estuary, Accra, GhanaWeb reported.

The $3.5 billion (ZAR35 billion) power plant is currently 85% complete with the installation of the six wave power generation converters.

Project developers TC Energy’s CEO Mr Anothy Opoku told media last Friday that the power plant will be installed under the sea at the Ada Estuary. The tidal wave action at this estuary has enough pressure to generate the 14 400KWh a day estimate.

“We do not use oil or gas. We only use the waves from the sea and once the initial capital is set in place, the installation proceeds”, Opoku said.

The project is intended to have a generation capacity of 1 000MW by December 2015 but will begin on 8MW and gradually work its way up.

“This is the first time we are using this technology and hope that it will resolve the power crisis in the country”, Chief director of the Ministry of Power, Mr Stephen Doku said.

(Pic Credits: miriadna)

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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