10 December 2007 – Mozambique’s plans to build new power stations may impact on the price of power imports to South Africa, Eskom said last week.


Mozambique’s minister
of energy,
Salvador Namburete

Approximately 1 500MW of power is bought from Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique by Eskom.

"Future power purchases from Mozambique would be higher than Cahora Bassa," said Eskom’s Andrew Etzinger said.

Eskom, while planning on doubling generation capacity to some 80 000MW by 2025, will supplement power by importing from neighbouring countries.

Discussions were already underway to purchase power from four potential new dams in Mozambique, but Etzinger said the discussions were ‘complex’ and advancing ‘slowly’.

Mozambique is planning on building 4 600MW new generation capacity and is an attractive alternative for Eskom.

"If we had that coming on stream tomorrow, for instance, all our problems would be solved," Etzinger said.

Mozambique’s minister of energy, Salvador Namburete said Mozambique’s electricity prices would be aligned with ‘international market conditions’ from 2008 and will no longer be based on the regional markets.

Namburete did, however, concede "Mozambique cannot afford to lose Eskom" as a customer.