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Power distribution requirements must be defined

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Copenhagen, Denmark — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 04 April 2011 – It is essential that the key players and the main stakeholders in the European power market make a concerted effort to sit down and work together on defining the requirements for the next generation of power distribution.

So says Martin Speiermann, vice President, sales and marketing of PowerSense “’ a global Danish utility control systems supplier. PowerSense heads up a list of leading utility and power specialists gathering at the upcoming Transmission & Distribution Europe and Smart Grids Europe conference and exhibition, to be held in Copenhagen from 12 to14 April.

As a component supplier to the power industry we can see that the lack of standards in key areas like security, protocols and communication is a major road block for the industry,” Speiermann adds. “The SmartGrid challenges are not really nation-related. We believe that there are many interesting projects going on all over Europe, and also in Denmark. So the power industry should look for inspiration all over Europe before it makes any decisions,” he continues.

PowerSense produces supervision and control systems for the utility industry globally, and apart from Denmark, also works with major power companies throughout Europe, China, Oceania, and the US. “We are working on several really interesting projects right now, in particular the DA project at Enexis in The Netherlands,” Speiermann states.

“The project will set new standards for many utility companies with its innovative thinking on how to solve the power distribution challenges of the future. PowerSense delivers the Smart Grid communications infrastructure for the distribution transformers. The full project is to digitise 42,000 existing distribution transformers in a very fragmented distribution grid,” he explains.
The rapidly changing energy road map of Europe, including upgrading and connecting infrastructure, automating networks and integrating renewable energy, will be addressed during Transmission & Distribution Europe and Smart Grids Europe “’ the leading utility forum on the continent.

More than 30 utilities from all over Europe, as well as the USA, South Africa, Japan and Australia, will share their experiences and report back on projects, including a strong Danish delegation.