Nairobi, Kenya — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 05 January 2012 – The cost of electricity in Kenya has dropped by almost nine per cent in the last month, as a result of reduced fuel costs and foreign exchange charges.

According to national power distributor Kenya Power, consumers are paying less for power now than in November, as reflected in December bills. Consumers are not in agreement with this, however, with some saying they have not experienced the reduction.

Kenya Power managing director Joseph Njoroge said there had been some drop on the fuel cost charges and the forex adjustment charge of the bills from November to December. The fuel cost charges went down from Sh 9.03 to Sh 8.50 per unit, while the forex charge went down from Sh 2.62 to Shs1.49.

The reduction was also reflected in the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics figures released last week .According to the December inflation data, electricity costs had decreased by 9.9%.

Earlier the country’s power generator, KenGen said consumers might continue enjoying reduced power prices as it was producing normally with adequate water after the short rains.

In a bid to protect users from escalating prices, a consumer lobby group is currently pushing a bill to require the energy regulator to obtain parliamentary approval before adjusting electricity tariffs.