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Poor power supply in the spotlight

14 September 2007 – The Nigerian senate yesterday condemned the deplorable power supply in the country.

Senator Joy Emodi brought a motion for the senate committee on power to unravel the bottlenecks against the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and offer solutions for legislative action.

A motion for inquiries into the sale of the Egbin power station to a Korean power company were however, dismissed.  A third motion, to stop the importation of generators, based on an allegation of collusion by the importers in sabotaging the smooth operations of PHCN, was resoundingly turned down. 

In raising the motion, Senator Emodi deplored the "loss of lives in hospitals and clinics without alternative sources of power, loss of means of livelihood by workers whose businesses are solely dependent on constant electricity supply and high cost of production by industries relying on alternative sources of power."