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PONOVO Won Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group SVG bidder

March 29th, 2012, PONOVO won the bidder of Xiangtan Electric Manufacturer Group 35kV SVG. This was the second time for PONOVO winning high-altitude SVG project.

Baihua Mountain field is located in Yi and Miao nation of Kunming with altitude 3000m. A 110kV booster station is constructed near the project location. The first and second capacity is 96MW in the Baihua Mountain field. 48 sets of single wind turbines with capacity 2.0MW will be installed here.

The typical high altitude climatic characteristics, such as low density, big temperature differential and high solar radiation, require the equipments with high standards.

Ponovo booster

The large-capacity SVG, developed by PONOVO, can be applied in the highland environment. The SVG passes the type test approved by national authority. PONOVO becomes the only one manufacturer that SVG passes the type test with altitude 4000M.

Xiangtan New Energy Company, one branch of Xiangtan Electric Manufacturer Group, is engaged in the global wind field and solar power exploits.