On 7th, August, invited by Northeast Electric Power Research Institute, PONOVO took part in the 2012 Electric Measurement Verification Staff Training and demonstrated the products. In the training, PONOVO engineers discussed the test technology development with the experts and scholars. The PM205AM AC sampling calibrator was introduced in the training. During the verification, the PM205AM is the dedicated kit and wins the approvals of the staff and inspectors.

Ponovo EPRI 1

2012 Electric Measurement Verification Staff Training

PONOVO PM205AM is the professional measurement equipment for transmitter and AC sampling measurement instruments. It is applied in the AC/DC sampling device below 0.2 class (including 0.2 class) and the electric measurement transmitters. PM205AM can calibrate the parameters of electric measurement transmitter and AC sampling equipments.

Ponovo EPRI 2

PM205AM Demostration

The embedded industrial control computer, Windows XP system and the local software help the transmitter and AC sampling equipments full-automatic or semi-automatic calibration. The software units include: manual test, AC sampling auto test, synchronization test, harmonic test and transmitter auto test.