On 15th September, the Technical Evaluation Meeting was held by Tianjin Electric Power Company in Tianjin City. Cooperating with Tianjin Electric Power Company, the intelligent secondary closed loop test system, developed by PONOVO and Tianjin Electric Power Company, was approved successfully by the commissioning and was rewarded in the honor of Tianjin New Technology Integrated Award.

Ponovo second

The intelligent secondary closed loop test system is based on the fiber optic secondary equipment and relay testing system to realize the closed-loop test on the whole intelligent equipment. The system simplifies the site parameter settings and solves the technical errors caused by test leakage, wrong test method and incorrect result judgment. It might reduce the work load from three/four-day to three/four-hour to improve the test efficiency.

The system efficiently solves the standardization examine and auto test problems of different types of intelligent secondary equipments, changes present human test methods and improves the working efficiency and quality. The intelligent secondary closed loop test system leads the technical development both in China and world.