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PONOVO PMU Tester Passed Relay Testing Held by EPRI

On 25th October, the newly launched synchronous phase measurement unit (PMU)-PM605LP passed the tests held by EPRI. The tester is specially designed for synchronous phase measurement unit with test signal sources.

Ponovo tester


PMU is installed in the important point power plant. It gets synchronization sampling time by GPS and measures the vector data of WAMS points in real-time. The measurement accuracy of synchronization phase angle is one of the most important technical specifications. In present market, there are fewer testers for generating synchronization phase angle. PM605LP fills the gap. The synchronization phase angle error is not more than 0.05°between output voltage and current due to high-precision crystal oscillator and strict output time-delay compensation methods. Besides, the output initial time, amplitude, phase and frequency step change can be synchronized with GPS MPS. PM605LP can also make the 2nd -13th fundamental signal superstition, amplitude sine wave adjustment signal and steady/dynamic state measurements. During EPRI testing period, the engineers made complete tests on PM605LP and comparison. The staff in quality inspection gave high appraises on the synchronization phase angle stability, accuracy and PPS synchronization step response.