On 13th December, PONOVO sent two engineers to Hong Kong CLP make three days’ training on optic relay tester NF801 and handheld digital signal analyzer NS601. CLP company is the one of the two Hong Kong power electricity companies that provides about 60% of electricity.

Ponovo HK

The engineers were pleased to make adjustment with relay tester NF801 and handheld digital signal analyzer NS601 for the first digital substation in Hong Kong.

During the training, Engineers instructed the basic principles and testers. The Engineers in CLP also operated testers one by one. By the time, they solved the doubts and instructed the operation skills. During the advanced trainings, Engineer made further discussion with customers on IEC61850 structures for their skillful operation. Depend on PONOVO’s experiences in Chinese digital substations, we can provide more technical support for it.

The two parties discussed and exchanged the experiences. The customers gave us some useful suggestions on the Power Test operation and hardware optimization. The training lasted for three days with successful ending.

Later, our engineers recommended digital substation message recorder and analyzer equipment PNA1000 for its further optimization and improvement that improves PONOVO in overseas market.