Test sites
On 1st April, PONOVO’s engineers were invited by staff in Heihe 500kV substation, the engineers came here to detect the PONOVO intelligent wireless temperature system and measure the electromagnetic environment in substation valve hall. And they consulted the further work with the customers.

Ponovo test

Our engineers analyzed the equipments maintenance and data of the system installed in early March. Within one month continuous running, the system precisely detected the test point’s temperature and trend. Compared with infrared temperature approach, wireless temperature system owns high accuracy, slight error and fast efficiency. It saves the inspection human and time. There was no error report with accuracy 100%. It fulfilled the work in this stage. It provides the first-handed data for the equipments’ safety.

Our engineers analyzed the system running situation with detail and gained high praise from customers. The intelligent wireless temperature system solves the problems that temperature detection requires human and low accuracy, improves the reliability of temperature detection and ensures the safe running.