On July 2012, our engineer from PONOVO POWER Co., Ltd, made a business trip in Mexico. The cities that he visited during that travel were Mexico City, Monterrey, San Luis, Queretaro and Acapulco. The goal for that trip was make demonstration of our L336i and POM2-6143 relay tester.

Ponovo L336i 3

During the business trip our engineer went to Queretaro City visited CFE Company; in that place PONOVO made one differential test Demo; with 2 GPSs as well as the POM2 and the L336i relay testerThen the next step was to go to San Luis, in that place our engineer visited SEL Company. The objective with that DEMO was show SEL Company that our L336i are small and intelligent relay tester.Then our engineer visited Monterrey, in that city he visited Holcim company one of the most important companies that produce cement in Mexico. Finally our engineer was in IEEE MEXICAN SUMMER EXHIBITION, This exhibition was organized by IEEE and CFE Company.