On 11th, July, the engineers from PONOVO gave training on customers in Italy. This training is mainly on the POM2-3243. The engineers also took the lightest kit L336i (with 4V3I) to make demonstration and promotion. On 13th, L336i is demonstrated in Turkey for the potential distributors.
In Italy, our engineer firstly made basic training on POM2-3243 for HT Italy company. Besides the basic principle and testing operations, every engineer from the HT company operated the kit one by one. PONOVO engineer helped solve the troubleshooting problems and operating skills.

Pon Italy dis

With Italy distributor

After the training, PONOVO discussed and analyzed the relay testing kit applications and market prospect in solar power system. The engineers in Beijing Headquarter also took part in the discussion and agreed to make test template on the special solar power system in Italy. The L336i relay testing kit shows the market advantage and competition here.

Pon Turkey dis

With Turkey customer

On 13th, the engineer flew to Turkey with L336i and made demo for the potential customers there. This trip gave customers confidence on the product quality and performance. The potential customers were eager to visit the headquarter in Beijing.