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PONOVO exchanges with XILINX at Hanover Exhibition

In March, Mr. Harry Raftopounlos, the director of industrial science from XILINX company, visited PONOVO in Beijing. On 25th April, the engineers from both companies exchange at Hanover exbihition. Doctor Zhou Wenwen, the vice manager of relay testing department, introduce the technical fruits with Mr. Giulio Corradi, the senior system architect from XILIN.

Ponovo agreement

Giulio compares the PONOVO products with the European relay testing, and conclude his suggestions and opinions. Giulio shows his interests on the newest relay testing –POM2 and PNF801. Last, our engineers show the FPGA technology applied in future PONOVO products.

XILINX, is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable technologies and devices. He is the provider of the core components of PNF801 and POM2, and the mainly provider of FPGA. This technology exchange allows the two parties to share the advanced market direction and technology and lays foundation for the future cooperation.