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PONOVO Exchanges with Australia Distributor and Customer

March 24th, PONOVO Vice manager Xiang Qian and Xia Xiaoming arrive in Australia to negotiate the local market promotion strategy and relay tester kits training.

In the first two days, Xiang and Xia make conference with the distributor manager Bob, sales manager David and the engineers about the new year sales plan and the cooperation program.

Ponovo training 1

In the next few days, Mr Xiang and Xia go to Adelaide and Perth make demo for the customers there. By training, customers get familiar with the software PowerTest and hardware operation and are interested with the new generation intelligent test equipments.

In the Royal Yacht Club located in the center of Adelaide, manager Bob invite 8 potential customers to take part in the PONOVO presentation. In the two days’ conference, Xia makes the introduction of the company, products and software. Meanwhile Xiang makes the demo of PW460, L336i, PCT200i and T200A.

Ponovo training 2

The seven days’ Australia trip comes to the end successfully. PONOVO makes presentation for more than 20 customers. The customers here make high mark on PONOVO products which lays foundation for PONOVO oversea promotion in future.