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PONOVO excellently makes export product accessories publicity

In early May, PONOVO made contract with customers from Finland on the TD4000A which was sold to overseas for the first time. The international market paid more attention to the order and tried to meet the customers’ satisfaction of the highest. The colleagues from the other departments cooperated with the international department to edit the TD4000A user manual and brochure and make photos on the accessories.

Finland fixture

Fixture displayed

The colleagues set a high standard on the layout of the accessories. The distance between the claps were measured and marked. The power cord was about 50 meters. Everyone promoted many methods to make its in neat appearance. Finally the round chair was chose as the axis and coiled the wires. The picture was satisfied by the colleagues. When the informative and neat brochure and equipment arrived at the customers, they gave us high praise. This again proves PONOVO’s high level service.

Finland box

Box displayed