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PONOVO established partnership in Vietnam

Due to the small-scale power system and low-power factor in Vietnam, the grid here is unstable. The Electricity of Vietnam Corporation has high requirements on the electric quality including: voltage flicker and harmonics, etc. As a result, it requires high standard on Static Var Compensator (SVC).

Vietnam is the neighbor of China. In the beginning, PONOVO encountered many difficulties of entering into Vietnam market.  Based on PONOVO’s advanced technology, excellent R&D wisdom and foremost after-sales service, PONOVO got approved by the local electricity bureau and customers. Nowadays, PONOVO attain proud achievements. Here we are going to introduce two typical SVC projects in Vietnam.

Ponovo VI

In October, 2011, PONOVO got the bidder of Thanhdo 22kv/18Mvar SVC project. At that time, many famous manufacturers such as ABB were taking part in the project. In the end, PONOVO won the bidder based on the excellent solutions. PONOVO considered the electricity quality requirements by local government. After the bidder, PONOVO completed the project in advance of 15 days. After installing the SVC, the power factor in Thanhdo was improved, and the harmonic, voltage flicker and THD were decreased which met the  EVN’s  requirements.

In February, 2012, PONOVO again won the project of 22kv/ 6 MVar SVC in Dongduong in Vietnam. After the project, PONOVO kept contact with the customers to help solve the problems in operation.


Ponovo VI2

During these corporations, the customers in Vietnam have known PONOVO products more. The customers here have established good and  lasting partnership.