On 19th October, PONOVO engineers were invited by Hancheng 2nd Power Plant in Shannxi to assist the main CT, motor CT and circuit CT etc, test work and complete more than 60 CTs. They made a comparison between the test results and the CT factory reports that provided effective support for the autumn detection program.

Before making PCT test, there was no effective test solution for voltage transformer bushing CT and motor CT. When the test object was voltage transformer bushing CT, the CT connected in series with transformer windings. So the burden test ability can’t complete test items with traditional CT tester. The motor CT had high knee point with about 3000V. But the secondary terminal of PCT was about 2000V. So the traditional principle also can’t finish current transformer with high knee point. In this demo, PONOVO CT/PT analyzer solved the difficulties. It is the only one tester complying with GB 16847-1997 and IEC44-6:1992 and gets approval by customers.